The problem

As a frequent traveller, you know that travel across the UK and Europe has become painful. Increased security and busy airports often adding hours to journeys, rail and road networks too overburdened for efficient travel and all escalating in cost and draining your time.

Welcome to the solution

FlyCLUBAIR is the new generation of air travel, designed to reduce the time and pain of travel for the frequent flyer, where you are not just a passenger but part of a likeminded community of successful professionals. With unlimited flights, simplified booking and executive comfort, we’ll get you there unflustered.

Why fly?


Regain your lost travel time. Increase your productivity. Arrive at your breakfast meeting fresh. Get home in time for supper.

UNLIMITED FLIGHTS – Fly as often as you want throughout our network, all within your single monthly membership fee. Reserve your flights - Fly - Book again.

SIMPLIFIED TRAVEL – Escape the queues and long waiting times of commercial travel, simply reserve your flights and make changes in seconds to your arrangements through the FlyCLUBAIR app, website or concierge.

EXECUTIVE COMFORTS – We fly from convenient private airports and aviation terminals on Beechcraft KingAir executive aircraft. Now you can avoid the masses, park and fly within minutes, relax or work without distraction.

Refined Simplicity

  • Book in seconds
  • Flexible changes
  • No additional fees
  • No queues or waiting

Executive Service

  • Personalised concierge
  • Private aviation terminals
  • Executive aircraft
  • Beverages and amenities

Members Benefits

  • Partner benefits
  • Member network
  • Member-only events


Our Cities.






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How it works

Fly as often as you want across the growing flyCLUBAIR network.

£1495 Monthly


  • Unlimited Flights
  • 2 Reservations at a time

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£1895 Monthly


  • Unlimited Flights
  • 4 Reservations at a time

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GROUP Monthly

Bespoke memberships based on travel needs are available.

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*One-Off Joining Fee of £595. Minimum 90 day initial sign up period with month-to-month renewal thereafter.

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